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Jenelle Osborne
Professional Organizer and Event Planner

Jenelle has been a compulsive organizer since childhood.  Always sharing these talents with friends and family, they encouraged her to help others with their overworked and overwhelmed lives by starting OriJenel Organizer.  Customer satisfaction and meeting the individual's unique requirements is the mission of OriJenel Organizer. Each client receives a personalized solution utilizing the best tools and resources for that individual or company.

Her background includes 25 years of tradeshows and event planning for major universities, publishers, retail companies and national non-profit organizations across the United States.  Her relocation and moving skills evolved after discovering not all packers treat your items like their own.   With a degree in Historical Research and Public Administration, Jenelle enjoys researching and implementing the solution.   

She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.


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