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Relocation Services
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Our Relocation Services offer the services necessary for a successful and painless move.  Choose any or all of the available options.

Prior to your move, we will
  • Obtain quotes from vendors and utility services
  • Assist in sorting items to keep, donate, sell or give to family and friends
  • Coordinate disposal of unwanted items via sales, donations or delivery
  • Pack your items and create inventory lists
  • Design plans for your new location to assist the movers and you
  • Clean your new home or office
  • Stage "For Sale" homes

The day of your move, we will

  • Supervise the movers loading and unloading
  • Meet any utility or service workers at your new home

Upon arriving in your new home or office, we will

  • Arrange furniture, equipment and other items for efficiency
  • Unpack boxes, organize and put away your items
  • Shop and stock any room requested from kitchen to bath
  • Disconnect utilities and clean your previous site
  • Maintain staging with realtor of  "For Sale" properties

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