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* OriJenel Events
Feel like a guest at your own party! OriJenel Organizer designs, coordinates, and presents functions of any size, anywhere, with national contacts and event planning experience. 
  • Private - Weddings, Birthdays, Milestones, Any Occasion
  • Corporate - Holidays, Press, Trade Shows, Product Launches
  • Non-Profit - Fundraising, Training, Volunteer Recruitment
* Professional Organization
Need to function more professionally? We clear the clutter so you are productive again. OriJenel Organizer can help you sort through it all and create a unique system to keep you on track.
  • Residential - Kitchens, Baths, Closets, Children's Rooms, Garages, Attics, Estates
  • Corporate - Filing Systems, Archiving and Storage Issues, Improved Workflow, Space Utilization
  • Moving & Relocation - Packing/Unpacking, Contracting Movers, Relocation Research, Clean-out Services, Home Sale Preparation 
  • Senior Downsizing - Meticulous sorting and reduction of a lifetime so that you take the most cherished and necessary items to your new home
* Personal Shopper/Virtual Assistant
OriJenel Organizer provides that personal touch for you and delivers your requests on time. Confidently entrust your research, publishing, and shopping needs to our experienced personnel.
  • Personal Shopper - Gifts, Awards, Wrapping/Shipping for Household or Corporate
  • Virtual Assistant - Research Assistance, Proofread, Formatting
  • Courier and Delivery Services - Small Packages to Furniture

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