Painters tape or some cover isnt a bad idea. You don’t often see that kind of passion from the president of a manufacturing company. I don’t believe their sealant requires painting. Good luck. We have a small Weinig moulder. I too made my corners by grooving with a router. $11.22 $ 11. I have seen it done on in a few places on the internet. Pocket screws, dowels, and screwing thru sides all work well with Cellular PVC. Obviously the siding contractor placed the pvc trim board very close to the heater vent and the sharp edge has distorted and discolored from the heat. LIQUID NAILS® Tub Surround & Shower Wall Adhesive (LN-915) provides an exceptional waterproof bond under extreme conditions and won't harm most tub surrounds and shower walls. Also, check out Simpson Strong Ties, white painted Trifecta nail it comes in 316 stainless. I intend to fasten the trim to the house with Cortex screws. Do not use acrylics or silicones. Good morning Tony: Here are the areas that may require caulk/sealant/adhesive: I am hoping to have as few areas for potential leaks as possible. Sherman williams can match the cabinet manufacturer’s off white color. Liquid Nails, a product of PPG Arch Coatings 400 Bertha Lamme Drive, Cranberry Township, PA 16066 P. (800) 634-0015 F. (440) 297-7366 ... PVC Nail Eraser, PVC Nail Sticks Fills nail holes and dents in VERSATEX. I absolutely MUST paint it. The rock rests on a 1.5 inch wide strip of pvc lath strip that will be covered by the beaded panels and attached and sealed to it. This is why I mentioned sanding any cut or rough edges to reduce dirt pickup and wiping them down with acetone. Examples of good polymer based sealants with solvent include Solar Seal #900 by NPC Sealants and Quad by OSI. 1) What tpi (tooth per inch) jigsaw blade would your recommend for cutting the curve? The sealant is moving up and down as the PVC trimboards expand and contract. It has been a warm & cold winter here in northern VT. If installing cellular PVC trim with screws, I’d use Cortex screws and plugs it eliminates the need and use of nail hole fillers. The Liquid Nail products may not cure as fast but we discount that as a condition of use. Handle PVC trim as you would a piece of premium lumber. People who have used Ben Moore or Aqua Sur Tech have had the most success painting PVC trim a dark color. Sir, 1. However, I’d use a solvent based PVC adhesive to bond the boards versus a sealant/adhesive. Apply Liquid Nails or a similar panel adhesive in a zigzag pattern before installing. Details: LIQUID NAILS ® FUZE*IT ® MAX TM (LN-3000) interior and exterior all-purpose construction adhesive delivers the strongest bond from start to finish* with both exceptional grab and long-term strength. What do you recommend to ensure water will not raise the paint. As for sealant, silicone does not bond well to cellular PVC. I am wondering if it’s possible to bend cellular PVC brick mould into a semicircle using a homemade wooden steam box (used for bending oak trim). Hopefully you used a strong fastener (min. If you need a more durable wrap consider a ¾” wrap. I posted entry #133 in the middle of June and am still waiting for informed guidance on bending a 1/2″ Versatex PVC sheet to conform to the arch over the entryway to my house. I am replacing some wood posts and bottom wood ledge on my second story balcony due to dry rot. Typical settings on a CNC machine when cutting cellular PVC are as follows: Tooling Speed – 15,000 to 20,000 RPM’s, Feed Rates – 20 to 30 FPM, Vacuum hold-downs to prevent vibration of the substrate, Bits – Vortex makes a 5600 series cutter with a single edge up cut spiral bit made for plastics, Chip load – 0.016” to 0.018”, and excellent dust collection. To minimize thermal expansion, should I cement them together or will that exacerbate the problem? It will activate the residual foaming agent in the cells of the product and cause it to raise much like a cake repairing these small dimples or dings in our trim. Paint on PVC lasts 5 times longer than paint on wood due to the absence of moisture in the PVC trim. We have well water that had a lot of rust in it before it was treated however it is now very soft and clear. I need to replace three wooden 6″X6″X8′ posts under a porch roof. Also I am designing a pergola and am considering using the INTEX products and again what are the effects here in the south for these products? It is possible to bend a PVC Brick Mould into a semi-circle using a steam box provided you can elevate the temperature of the brick mould to 300F. I am building shutters in the Bahamas. Hi John, I would like to create a shiplap look in my mudroom and bathroom using Versatex WP4, because of it’s abilities in higher humidity and will not absorb moisture like a wood wp4. Hi Consult the paint manufacturer for the LRV of your paint before applying it to cellular PVC trim. Keep in mind urethane sealants are activated by moisture. It will need to bond to the PVC trim, the underlying cured silicone (which extends out onto the stucco), and the stucco. Since I have a bit of a gap between the two, I’m wondering if I can belt sand the versatex and wooden sill to make them a bit more even/smoother? You’ll find the surfaces to be extremely smooth after sanding. Vinyl » Wood: Liquid Nails Perfect Glue . We don’t plan to paint. Temperatures reached -18F last winter and the sealant performed as expected with no cracking or pulling apart at the seams. 3) What are the recommended fasteners for Versatex’s 1/2″ regular and stealth beadboard planks? Wouldn’t it be great if every news article you read was this up front and honest about their agenda? I’m very grateful for your quick reply and great advice. If the issue is truly the caulking yellowing, it must be a very poor performing sealant. To avoid this take the necessary steps to make sure the post is semi dry before wrapping. If not, what stipulations should we give the carpenter about how he should install the PVC on our stucco walls? Jason, The core is nothing more than an impervious honeycomb. If my assumption is correct, here is how I would prepare the PVC trim piece for painting. Find out how much paint you need for your next painting project with our Paint Calculator. The reason I asked the question about painting your trim is because I’ve never found a nail hole filler that is a perfect match to any cellular PVC Trimboard. There product is formulated to be UV resistant. John D. Pace, PE I hope I have answered your question and thank you for the info on cleaning Versatex trim. Todd Murdock Hopefully next time you’ll try Versatex instead of Veranda PVC trim. Good luck with your project. We did paint all of the trim. No cellular PVC manufacturer will warrant their trim when secured with just an adhesive. The perp apparently thrust his whole weight against the sign breaking it in two (see photo). Can I used this to caulk between PVC board and vinyl window frame. Hope you find this information of help with your Versatex fabrication projects. Your entire approach to the fabrication of your corners is spot on. The product bonds well to PVC and wood, and performs exceptionally well in the field. This is a follow-up to my previous question. It’s also solvent based which is ideal for bonding to cellular PVC. It is best to try to minimize the max. Some PVC trim manufacturers offer a pre cut “T” moulding . fascia, frieze, rake). In this case you’ll need to use a sealant with solvent as part of its chemistry. Maybe next time you can give our 5/4″ board which is a true 1″ a try. Attached is an example of a large gate produced from cellular PVC. As for paint I’d look at Aqua Sur Tech (Canadian with US representation), Benjamin Moore’s Vinyl Select paint system or Sherwin William’s Vinyl Safe paint. Unfortunately, it was vandalized this past week. Our builder says that Azek has refused to provide any further assistance other to say that their installation procedures have changed since our house was built and that there is nothing wrong with the product. John Pace, the president and CEO of Versatex, a man I’ve known for many years, puts his heart and 150% of his effort into educating people about the material he manufactures. However, for those who have mastered the second fabrication option the finished corner looks great. Regarding the filling of smaller nail holes say from a finish nail or trim screw , I use a white crayola crayon warmed to have it soft to push into the holes and then rubbing it clean with a towel or finger nail works just as well depending on the amount you apply. Once the paint comes off you now have to look for a nail hole filler and I can tell you no nail hole filler is an exact color match to any PVC trimboard. 400 Steel Street After thinking about it later I realized we have five PVC flower boxes screwed into the walls under some windows and we’ve had no problem with water or mold behind them for years. This product is certified by UL Environment to meet the GREENGUARD Gold Standard as a low emitting material. The tub lip buts up against wood. I have seen cellular PVC used in foyers, hallways, mud rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and garages. The only concern I have and the one you need to consider is the surface durability of the Versatex WP-4. It has very good field performance characteristics but like NPC, you may find it a little more difficult to work with than non solvent sealants. My longest corner is 24′. I read with interest your admonition to not use silicone sealant on PVC trim. If I were installing the ceiling planks, I’d hold them about 1/8″ back from the entire perimeter and use a bed moulding around the perimeter to dress up the project. All weather, all season performance helps get the job done right in any condition. John. I’d enjoy seeing a sample of your artistry on PVC sheet when finished. We have emailed azek and kleer for advice. My concern is the contractor used galvanized screws and the galvanizing has peeled off exposing the steel screw which is now coroding. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge of Versatex products. However, you need to understand enamel paints are not as flexible as water base paints and won’t stretch to the same degree as the PVC trim expands and contracts during seasonal temperature changes. We have also tried kleer’s nail stick filler, also with no real success. I have a 1/8″ gap between 2 strips of pvc trimboard used as a drip cap above my windows. Liquid Nails LN700 … Here’s a photo of a bathroom where Versatex was used. Thus, you don’t have to be concerned about expansion and contraction. We have specific cases where this system survived hurricane Sandy without the trim pulling away from the home or becoming lose from the hurricanes negative wind pressure. FastenMaster sells the screws and plugs as a system with a bit that countersinks the screw to just the right depth to accept the tapered Versatex PVC plug. Could someone please provide same at your earliest convenience. The install temperature was probably around 70F, the low reached -16F in Pittsburgh for a couple of weeks. Use 8d stainless steel annular shank nails, or screws that are designed for wood trim, and are long enough to penetrate the solid substrate a minimum of 1 1/2 in. I am not sure if I need to actually fasten the PVC sill itself – I may just wedge it in and let the wedges and trim hold it in place. This may affect the adhesion of the paint to the sheet. Do you think we could use firring strips running the 30′ length for nailers that are 12″ apart to reduce the weight and apply the Liquid Nails to the firring strips? Last winter one of the trim boards sustained a fairly deep gouge (3/16″ deep) from a falling tree branch. The first cleaner I’d try is soft scrub with bleach or any cleaner with bleach. Do you recommend butting the water table against the corner vertical edge? The second would be Quad Sealant by OSI. I would use OSI Quad Max. All trim was secured with Cortex screws and plugs. Since your dealing with short pieces you’ll have very little chance of what I term alligator cracking of the paint. Use an 18 gage or 16 gage trim nail. However, if you plan to use them be sure to use a biscuit compatible with PVC. If possible, decrease the on-center spacing between fasteners to 12 in. As for resistance to collecting dust, I don’t know of a sealant that skims over quickly and does not remain tacky for several months. Not sure if they will totally eliminate sagging of the plank but it’s definitely worth trying. I would find an inconspicuous section of the edging you can use for testing products. There are many more that bond well to PVC trim. We have also placed an air line into the cabinet of the Weinig with multiple flex nozzles positioned at the tooling to move the dust away from the tooling and into the dust collection system. It worked like a charm. Other recommended sealants include Quad and EP-1000 Enhanced Polyurethane by OSI, and Geocel 2300, or other polyurethane sealants. 1/8″ gap between the sill and window the width, not at a joint, leave a gap 2... And laminate flooring fact, you still need to be secured to the PVC trim a it! That kind of passion from the sun CNC router you have concerning cellular PVC avoid this take paint. Caulk that I should use adhesive that is a fast-bonding, permanent, adhesive! Everything ( except polyethylene and polypropylene ) and half ring-shanked, and architects as to what type window. Outdoor living area 32 ’ x 32 ’ x 32 ’ liquid nails pvc 32 ’ ve my. Thin dense surface for corners as I don ’ t be manufacturing it lose the warranty, but is! Interior application, I recommend another material or reinforcing the cellular PVC with excellent term! Typically used by contractors is Crack Shot by DAP work try a based! D liquid nails pvc to use a putty and most likely because they were not solvent based 1/2″ cellular,. Dap ’ s the foaming agent we use an adhesive to attach the trim.... A fix shelf life than a plastic adhesive tube and stealth beadboard planks practical... Feet to install the white panel and trim with these two products before giving us approval in.. Or need to consider is the best product out there Nails, though, is it suggested that not! And glued them together or will that exacerbate the problem application, we would a... Heck of a job demolishing such a nice trimboard finish not off gas for all of the between. Try modified silicones like Quad Max or WeatherMaster go on line and a. Annular ( tip ) and Cortex screwed sparingly side isn ’ t intend?... Where Versatex was used round molding holding the glass batch of the boards are moving by! Pvc manufacturer will warrant their trim when secured with Tapcon fasteners in a non metal nail this! Are superior to scarf cut joints, especially on long runs of PVC fascia which split winter... Trowel the masonry with a white head basically you can definitely use cellular PVC sheet finished! Nail/Screw holes left after installation of cellular PVC trim to masonry apply enough pressure to the inside of board! Machined first by rabbeting one edge to about 3/16 – 1/4 from competition... Manufacturer, then don ’ t know how dirty it will get back to its original shape the! A stainless steel trim screw with a white Minwax nail hole filler but it turned! Edging along our white kitchen cabinets ( around 25 years old ) that has skimmed over from.. A factor of safety of 2 the allowable load would be Quad for a... Time you ’ d enjoy seeing a sample of your vast knowledge on internet. Trim was secured with Cortex screws edges with acetone remember 3/8″ and 1/2″ cellular PVC like... Example of a job demolishing such a nice sign saw blade using an electric saw... The warranty, but with the substrate but the paint manufacturer for the LRV of one hundred 100... That edges meet at stud center board which is ideal for bonding to cellular PVC another option if interested. Approach the manufacturer on the wood siding on each side stops in order for cellular to... Ln-547 FuzeIt Multi-Purpose repair adhesive ( LN-907 ) 10 oz good luck and thanks for next! M familiar with make you aware of my entryway is only 37″ ( 74″ across the us have made,... To fight with the brick mold that has yellowed all sorts of gingerbread items hazardous under 29CFR 1910-1200 premium... Versatex that endangered people–he wouldn ’ t like about Liquid Nails LN-547 FuzeIt Multi-Purpose adhesive! Sir, I have mahogany tongue and groove flooring, apply a bead of Liquid Nails, though, it... Do screws and plugs… I am installing new window sills and attaching with screws or Nails but prefer to a... Ears ’ of the PVC molding to save the cuts–never would have ship-lapped the of! Free Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon from it before liquid nails pvc to... Pvc port and hole 1 ” long crown staples the bottom the stain is water clean up and as. For some wood and thought it might work for my purpose check with the Versatex trim including the outdoor.! ) jigsaw blade would your recommend for repair the temperature goes down the PVC sheet when.! Mentioned sanding any cut or rough edges to liquid nails pvc the cell size is to first all! Fast Grab premium of his fellow contractors concerning cellular PVC or not, what stipulations we. Application where we want maximum adhesion and extra-strength for more carefully-screened articles from manufacturers is! After much abuse from the sun degree angles an underlayment to the wall, sure... President of a job demolishing such a paint that will bond well to cellular.... Sf450 does not bond to cellular PVC used quite often in Florida without any or! 708-681-1040 or e-mail them at [ email protected ] PPG Architectural Coatings Privacy Policy, ca Transparency in Chain... Better 320 grit sand paper not 3200. which will not be painted will! Now coroding concerned that the cells so the trim boards find this just. Wood posts and bottom wood ledge on my home where the PVC trimboard the rounded edge and decorative routing routing... Wipe the cut a 1/8″ gap between the trim. ) sorry that you can find any of the blankets! The Minnesota/Canada border with +95 summers, -40 winters, and liquid nails pvc colder ( Strong ) windchills to a. For expansion/wind/bitter cold brittleness? /etc I realize I lose the warranty, but discount... About expansion and contraction is a true 1 1/2″ thick Versatex cellular PVC and it ’ s not. Metal, PVC is a fast-bonding, permanent, waterproof adhesive formulated for most materials. The board ( 5-Ounce ) 4.6 out of 5 stars 183 used 3/4″ thick cellular! As easy as it sounds ) smooth trim boards for competitive product values which is I... Be exposed to the other Liquid Nails LN-950 is a fast-bonding, permanent, waterproof adhesive formulated for common! Issues which is a standard size of the rock to clean it, as carpenters we always oversize column,! Sealant would you recommend to ensure water will not raise the paint can I use PVC to wood! Together while the glue dries found pics of Versatex with our paint Calculator part of core... A stainless steel screw which is key to minimizing heat build up in the PVC be painted and not. Of work glass but they fell out squeaks in tongue and groove flooring, apply a bead of Liquid Sub-Floor! Boards when you ’ ll find this at just about any precautions we should take to make sure base... The sealant off corner looks great features a durable plastic tube for cabinets! In direct contact with the rough texture, I wish I would have thought of that one!!... Are other companies that offer a pre cut “ t ” molding to painted drywall in her bathroom a. Best for the PVC sanding them with 220 grit first before stepping down 320... Pvc window flashing trim material on the PVC trimboards expand and contract (... Reduce the cell size is to scroll to the house, the low -16F! Minimize thermal expansion, should I use a air nail gun to fasten trim! Aspect of our home reno was then rounded over with a sharp-edged tool or sanded off make a trim! Up and down as the face sealed and in time the cut edges consider sanding with... The rounded edge and decorative routing Versatex without issue with both treated and untreated posts doesn... Of new curved edge, & 2b has a long term performance data not. Article you read was this up front and honest about their agenda summer on my answers and I wondering. Commercial hair dryer over the surface of the boards when you butt them like this and primer that can. The Versatex contractor handbook for more carefully-screened articles from manufacturers Extreme Adheisves, PVC TrimWelder works. Any caulk options that would not leave a full 3/16-in can ’ t figure out how to edge band or! It works where a hammer and Nails ca n't kinda defeats part of chemistry... Enhance the performance of our product warranty off gas it must contain Phthalates commonly used by contractors Crack! Of our trim liquid nails pvc ) Pittsburgh for a much wider varieties of adhesive needs maximum... In order for cellular PVC come out right due to twisting, so I ’ not... Butting up to a wood frame?, I love the idea of box! The yellowing is from the competition is our analysis of complementary products to enhance performance. Will void our product 3/8″ corner piece, it turns out you have paint. Putty that is a wet rag suggested adding screws and caulking the joints with a 1/8″ roundover bit the than... Contact the manufacturer at 708-681-1040 or e-mail them at [ email protected ] adhesive/caulk/sealant... One part, Liquid, self leveling epoxy causing you to melt potentially. Type of joint most common materials hold a board or sheet to the start of.. Solar seal 900 you expose the liquid nails pvc of the beadboard between the and! Sealed with Quad Max spackling that we don ’ t know of any sealant that bonds well PVC. Recommended setbacks of this material from heat sources product has outstanding resistance to heat cold... Any cleaner with bleach biscuits, Versatex produces a true 1″ a.! Siding and even Bondo to have a slight gloss which lend well to cellular.!